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J P Mahoney., Life Coach and Entrepreneur, his experience and knowledge has helped build JPM Options and our community.

Our Members and Moderators, people helping people, everyone sharing their specific knowledge in each topic and creating a unique team. 

Our goal is simple: To create success stories, one person at a time.

Becoming successful isn't just about making money, it's having balance in all areas of life. Unlike other online health forums, we put all these aspects together in one place. People helping people.

Self-help is great, but, working together, we can make a difference in lives around the world. We begin ...Right here!  We are making dreams come true!

Mental Health

Mental health issues like self-esteem, depression, lack of confidence, over-thinking, and more can be difficult, JPM Options members make it a lot easier. Read More

People Helping People

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People Helping People -Welcome to JPM Options

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Mental Health

Physical Health

Becoming physically healthy is a lot easier around positive people. Being mentally strong, physically healthy and happy, you are a lot more productive too! Read More


Financial Freedom

Looking to work from home? Just need a little extra cash? What if you could make enough money to live a lifestyle you have always wanted? It's all possible.  Read More