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JPM Options has become the go to place for many that are looking for the total package we offer to forum members.


 ​When you

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 We deliver...

* One Time Fee , 60 day max.

* Unlimited texting  w/options

* Only $89.99 U.S.D

This service is not limited to the topics above, we are very creative when coming up with great ideas for many other subjects as well. Our most common issues...initiating intimacy, and a business area, gaining traffic. Because it is texting, people tend to be very open, honest, and willing to talk about solving their issues.  Time and time again the reaction we get from clients is "OH MY, Never thought of that!" and with good results.

Second to that subject, uplifting someone who is feeling down or has a negative attitude. In most cases, in a 60 day period, we can help a person improve how they look at life, improve the way they think, and by working together, create a thought process that allows them to overcome negativity in their life after the session has expired.

How can we work with you to improve your situation?  We look forward to helping you smile again!

We are glad you are here! The first step to any struggle is realizing there is one. The second is making a choice to do something about that issue.

In this day and age, texting has become so popular and an important part of most people's lives, that many feel more comfortable texting than talking to another individual face to face. Exactly why we offer and have had great success with this service.

Most common areas are listed below:

We are a mindfulness and solutions coach:

Develop calmer, more enlightened approaches to business and life. improve reactions to stressful situation,  mindfulness is now being useful for clients suffering from anxiety and depression, improve focus and clarity. 

We are also educating ourselves in more of a Zen coaching as well. This style is known to develop a greater sense of compassion, understanding and empathy. 

Our life coaching involves, at times, hour long phone conversations, etc. This service is intended to improve a specific situation quickly, even if it is temporary which then moves to a more positive form throughout the 60 days of service. Some of our most popular topics for this service:

Self Esteem, Confidence, and Depression

Attraction, Dating, and Intimacy

Relationships and Sexual Concerns 

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