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JPM Options has become the go to place for many that are looking for the total package we offer to forum members.


Q- Are your eBooks and Guides in the forum?

A- Yes, All guides or eBooks written by J P Mahoney are in the forum and free to all members.

Q- What if the information in a guide is felt to be unsatisfactory?

A- Simply bring up the topic in our forum and members are sure to assist you further.

Q- What and who is JPM Options?

A- JPM Options is our main website and business, owned by Author/Life Coach J P Mahoney. Our focus is creating a positive environment for people to learn from one another. People helping people!

Q- What formats do your eBooks and guides come in?

A- Currently word format. However, if you are unable to read the word format, simply email 
us and we can send you any other format you may require.

Q- Is the forum free?

A- Free to sign up, yes. There are however two paid sections. These two sections are currently available for $24.99 per month.

Q- What is the guideline for remaining a member?

A- ALL MEMBERS, including paid members, must comment or make a post at least once per month or your account will be deleted, paid subscription canceled, etc.

Q- What do you mean when you say "fail-proof" niche program?

A- Once you start our niche program, which is simply subscribing to our forum, as long as you continue, you can NOT fail. We WILL help you succeed, be successful, and continue to grow with whatever way you choose to make money. You CANNOT fail. Everyone learns, helps one another, and we all continue to grow. It's what makes us so successful, MAKING A DIFFERENCE.

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